Kaycee's Mod is Inscryption's upcoming free expansion

Kaycee's Mod is Inscryption's upcoming free expansion

Inscryption may not ring a bell for you, but this roguelike card-based video game has found a spot in the hearts of the genre's fans. Its unique aesthetics, dark story, and simple gameplay mechanics easily trap you once you start playing, and its challenging difficulty keeps you from getting bored. Inscryption puts you in the shoes of Luke Carder, a YouTuber and avid card game player that finds a digital version of his favorite game. This is just the beginning of an intriguing plot that will allow Luke to discover why and how the game was created and keep you glued to the screen.



On the gameplay side, Inscryption is a mix of escape room and deck-building game where you and your opponent play cards on a grid and attack each other with them. Although it may not seem quite innovative, there is a certain depth to the mechanics, and as you progress through the game, you get hooked by a mysterious underlying storyline that ties all together. 

Kaycee's Mod

Devolver Digital has announced the first free expansion for Inscryption. Kaycee's Mod will arrive tomorrow, and it will focus on the deck-builing aspect of the game with a new endless mode, new cards, and more secrets to discover. According to Inscryption's lore, Kaycee is one of the programmers of the digital version of the game, and the one behind the clues that prompt you to investigate its mysteries.



Given the structure of Inscryption, it's likely that the game will receive more content in the future to expand its mysterious storyline. Until then, Kaycee's Mod will provide another way of enjoying the game to your heart's content starting tomorrow. Remember that you can use our comparator anytime to buy your Inscryption PC code cheap.

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