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Inkulinati: when books become alive

Inkulinati: when books become alive

If you thought that you had seen everything in video games you may have to think twice. Sometimes a developer studio manages to surprise us with a game that is really original, and that's exactly what happens with Inkulinati. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the game is its visuals. Games with cartoonish graphics are not uncommon but finding a title inspired by the drawings in medieval manuscripts is not something that you see every day. Inkulinati takes these pictures to create a story whose plot is depicted as if we were writing a book in the Middle Ages. In fact, writing such books is the way that the members of a legendary group use to battle each other. The ink they use is quite special, and their drawings come to life and fight each other in exciting combats that take place in the pages of a manuscript.

The game uses turn-based mechanics to deliver a unique experience. As one of the Inkulinati, you have to fight others like you to become a master. Whether you choose to embark on the single-player campaign or challenge your friends in multiplayer, you will have to devise strategies that allow you to overcome your opponents as you draw unique creatures on a book using special ink. These creatures take the form of anthropomorphized animals, each of them with unique skills. Inkulinati lets you control them to try and achieve a crushing victory against your opponents, but you can sometimes perform special actions to interfere with the battle by using your own hands. After all, all the action takes place on the pages of a book, and each of the scenarios is different.



Inkulinati offers a different experience to those looking for something original and refreshing in the turn-based strategy genre. Its unique art style will allow you to travel back in time to the Middle Ages to enjoy the struggle for power of the members of a secret society. If it feels like an interesting experience to you, the release of the game is scheduled for this winter on PC via Steam. Feel free to check out our comparator in the coming months to find out the best prices to buy your Inkulinati PC key.

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