Immortal Empires is already available for Total War: Warhammer III

Immortal Empires is already available for Total War: Warhammer III

The Total War series offers a unique strategy experience where you can command massive armies in exciting real-time battles. The series extends beyond the conventional theaters of war and historical scenarios and lets you immerse yourself in the fantasy universe of Warhammer through the Total War: Warhammer series. Total War: Warhammer III is the latest installment and brings to the table a lot of novelties in the form of new gameplay mechanics, new factions, and new campaigns. But there is one thing that it shares with its predecessors: a free gameplay mode that lets you battle for world domination against all the other factions.

Total War: Warhammer didn't feature such a gameplay mode at launch. The first time players could enjoy such a massive theater of war was when Total War: Warhammer II was released. The Mortal Empires mode came as a free addition that featured all of the factions present in the series at that point, and allowed players to fight for domination on a huge map of the world. It offered quite a different experience when compared to the single player campaign of each faction, which revolved around the control of a powerful magic vortex.

Total War: Warhammer III brought another type of campaign to the series, this time focused on the invasion of the Realms of Chaos and Ruinous Powers. Like in previous installments, the new campaigns focused on a specific faction, but the fans were eagerly waiting for the new version of the Mortal Empires mode, which would allow them to enjoy the game differently.

Immortal Empires is here with a big surprise

Well, the day has finally arrived, and Immortal Empires is now out of the beta and available for free to all players that own Total War: Warhammer III. It combines all the factions, functionalities, and scenarios from the games in the trilogy to deliver a massive experience where you fight against all others for world domination.



As Creative Assembly has explained, you don't need to own the three games anymore if you want to play in the Immortal Empires mode.

"Until today, players had to own WARHAMMER I, WARHAMMER II and WARHAMMER III to brave the challenge of Immortal Empires. Now, everyone who owns WARHAMMER III can dive right into the core Immortal Empires experience, regardless of the other titles. Plus, DLC can now be purchased separately for those that want to try out a new faction – perhaps one that bested you on the battlefield?"

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