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HITMAN 3 owners on Steam receive free upgrades

HITMAN 3 owners on Steam receive free upgrades

DespiteHITMAN 3's good reception on consoles, the game's recent launch on Steam has been accompanied by a certain controversy. Most players were not too happy about the price of the game (most likely because they didn't use our comparator to find it at the best price). The game has been available as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for a whole year, and having to pay the full price for just the basic version on Steam was not acceptable for many. But IO Interactive is not as greedy as it would seem, and they have decided to fix the problem by offering free upgrades to all HITMAN 3 owners on Steam.


"Our HITMAN 3 launch on Steam didn't go as planned. We were excited to bring HITMAN 3 to Steam with new content and we knew that anticipation and excitement levels amongst our Steam players was high, especially as the game had been an Epic exclusive for a year.
Ultimately, we didn't meet our own expectations of a launch experience and we don't like that our Steam community is beginning their HITMAN 3 journey in this way.

So, here's what we're going to do: Everyone on Steam who has already bought HITMAN 3, or anyone that buys the game through to February 19th 2022, will be granted a free upgrade."


As a result, all HITMAN 3 Standard Edition owners on Steam will get a free upgrade to the HITMAN 3 Deluxe Edition, and the HITMAN 3 Deluxe Edition or HITMAN Trilogy owners will see their games upgraded to the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. That's plenty of additional content for the majority of players that have bought the game on Steam to date. 



You don't need to do anything special to claim your new version of HITMAN 3. The next time you log into the game, you will automatically have access to the extra content. Therefore, the best moment to visit our comparator and find the best deals to buy your HITMAN 3 Steam code cheap is now.

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