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Hardcore Elden Ring fan drew the new DLC map solely from a 4-minute trailer

Hardcore Elden Ring fan drew the new DLC map solely from a 4-minute trailer

On February 21st, BANDAI NAMCO released a trailer and announced the release date for their latest expansion of Elden Ring, much to the excitement of the 'Soul' fans who have been eagerly anticipating it for two years.

The DLC announcement livestream on YouTube, titled "ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer," attracted a record number of viewers. The trailer introduced an expansion to the gameplay system, including new weapons, spells, and equipment. In just a short time, it caused a sensation and generated a huge wave of anticipation from the gaming community, promising epic battles, countless giant bosses, and of course, a whole new mysterious land for players to explore "countless times." And just a day later, a hardcore fan on the /Eldenring Reddit forum released a complete sketch of the world in the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC.

The most surprising thing is that this person accomplished this solely based on small details in the mere minutes-long video posted on the publisher's YouTube channel.

Elden ring DLC map

"Elden Ring DLC map speculation with attached reference images done solely by me, I just had to do it." ZyoidaX - Author of the Reddit post.

Through the highly detailed images in the post shared by ZyoidaX, one can see the considerable effort he put in. It was said that he captured each still frame containing landmarks in the trailer, marked and named them, and then analyzed and sketched out the map based on the gathered details.

Reddit users and loyal fans of the game expressed their admiration for ZyoidaX's talent, praising him for his dedication, and attention to detail, and thanking him for his dedication to the growing Elden Ring community. Some even claimed that his drawing closely resembled the actual map in the upcoming DLC. While this information has not been verified, Miyazaki himself - the creative director, designer, writer, and president of FromSoftware, stated in an interview with Eurogamer on Feb 21, 2024, that the area in the recent expansion Shadow of The Erdtree will be equal to or larger than the Limgrave region in the base game.

The Shadow of The Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring will officially launch on June 21st this year on online platforms PS5|PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox ONE, and PC. It includes two editions: Shadow of Erdtree Edition (Base game with DLC) and Deluxe Edition (Includes exclusive soundtrack and artbook). Players who already own the base game can also opt for the Premium Bundle edition, which includes the DLC and exclusive soundtrack and artbook.

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