Goat Simulator 3: more chaos and fun than ever

Goat Simulator 3: more chaos and fun than ever

If you are a seasoned player that has caused mayhem across a variety of scenarios in Goat Simulator, you must be dying to play the new installment in the series. Goat Simulator 3 follows the same premises as its predecessor but enhances the gameplay with new mechanics that make it even more fun and original. The series has demonstrated that a simple goat can become a devastating force of nature with the right guidance, and its latest installment dares you to continue being an unpredictable source of mayhem in a sandbox scenario. 

Your new life as a goat

Developer Coffee Stain has managed to take the craziest-ever franchise to a new level with Goat Simulator 3. You can focus on creating chaos and destroying things as you please, but you can also engage in a much wider range of activities than in the previou game. Of course, you have total freedom to do whatever you please, especially things that a normal goat wouldn't do under any circumstances. You can drive cars, use a paraglide to soar the skies, grab things with your tongue to throw them as projectiles, and more. Goat Simulator 3 is a true sandbox game, and it does not limit your fun in any way. It even includes a lot of new mini-games that will entertain you for a while. You can even choose to be a boring goat that stays at the farm and behaves like a normal boring goat does, if you like eating grass and staring at the flies.



The most important addition that Goat Simulator 3 brings to the series is its cooperative multiplayer mode. You can now share the fun with up to three other friends in local or online multiplayer, exponentially increasing the possibilities and the level of mayhem and fun. Creating elaborate traps for the unsuspecting NPCs living in your town is much better with several goats, and the results are spectacular. Goat Simulator 3 also allows you to make your goat unique with more than 350 cosmetic items, so you never will look like any of your friends unless you want to.

Goat Simulator 3 offers you a sandbox experience based on absurd humor and clumsy physics that aims to entertain you for far longer than Goat Simulator. The release of the game is scheduled for November 17 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, and you can find your Goat Simulator 3 CD Key at the best price on our comparator.

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