Get PREY for free on PC this week

Get PREY for free on PC this week

Epic Games does not plan on changing its policy of giving away free games every week through its digital distribution platform. Epic Games Store gives you access to several free-to-play games anytime, but it also allows you to claim one or more free games for a limited time. These games change on a weekly basis, and although not all of them are triple-A titles, the list of games that have been available so far includes great games. Terraforming Mars, for example, is a strategy game that you can currently get for free and keep forever in your Epic Games account. It will be replaced with a couple of new games this evening, and one of these is quite noteworthy.

PREY is an amazing sci-fi thriller created by Arkane Studios that takes you to a space station overrun by hostile alien creatures. As one of the latest survivors of the Talos I, you will have to navigate the corridors and rooms of the space station while fighting the aliens and solving puzzles. The game features a story-rich environment and allows you to unlock additional characters as you progress, each of them with a unique set of skills that you can put to the best use in order to free the space station from the alien threat.



If you are looking for something different than an exciting adventure in the space, you can also claim Jotun: Valhalla Edition for free until next Thursday. It's a game inspired by Norse legends with a deep focus on exploration and lots of action. It follows the story of Thora, a Viking warrior that died without honor and has to prove herself to the Gods to gain entrance to Valhalla. With beautiful hand-drawn graphics, an intuitive combat system, and lots of puzzles, it's an epic adventure that's worth a try.



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