Funcom shows Dune: Awakening gameplay footage

Funcom shows Dune: Awakening gameplay footage

The guys at Funcom have a knack for creating intense survival experiences based on universes that come from popular novels. They did it with Conan Exiles and they are doing it again with Dune: Awakening. This upcoming open-world survival MMO is set in the universe from Frank Herbert's novel and it will take players to Arrakis in a unique adventure. Surviving in the sand-covered planed will not be an easy task. Extreme weather conditions including deadly sandstorms, gigantic worms, and a cruel war between the different Houses struggling to control the production of Spice and the oppressed natives of the exploited planet give shape to a unique scenario that has inspired several movies with great success over the years. Now, Funcom has done its best to represent it with great detail by using Unreal Engine 5 graphics to offer the fans a thrilling adventure.

Welcome to Arrakis

Dune has been the source of other games in the past, but they all mostly fall into the strategy genre, like Dune: Spice Wars, which recently captivated the fans with its exciting RTS action. Dune: Awakening will let you explore a massive open world in a different type of experience whose first details have been revealed in a Dune Direct stream. Soe Gschwind hosted a stream full of spectacular footage from the game, revealing that Dune: Awakening looks quite a lot better than many expected.

Until now, Dune: Awakening has been nothing more than a pile of CGI footage, but the latest video offers a first view of the gameplay, albeit it's only small sequences. In any case, it's good enough to realize that Funcom has managed to recreate Arrakis and infuse it with a new vibe that will make the fans rush to immerse into the game as soon as it's available.



The video also reveals many details about the in-game mechanics of Dune: Awakening, including exciting survival mechanics with the lack of water at their core, player-versus-player battles in the desert, and a crafting system where tradeable blueprints will be highly sought by all players. These are just some highlights of the new MMO. However, there are still many things to know about Dune: Awakening, and we can only that the video is just the beginning of a better communication process with the community that will precede the arrival of the game.

There is no official release date for Dune: Awakening, but the game is already transmitting very good vibes to all those willing to explore Arrakis in an epic adventure. If there is something granted, it's that the best deals to preorder Dune: Awakening will be available with our comparator as soon as they are available.

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