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Fortnite 8.10 Update – patch notes now available

Fortnite 8.10 Update – patch notes now available

Epic Games surprises fans with the Fortnite 8.10 update. The latest Fortnite 8.10 update is now live on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The patch brings a whole list of new additions and changes to the game, including The Baller, Vending Machines, and other tweaks that fans are very excited about. Fornite 8.10 Updates The Baller is a hamster ball-like vehicle equipped with a boost and grappler for rapid mobility, allowing you to pull yourself from cliffs or swing through the trees. Inside the single-seat ball, you are protected from any damage from your enemies, but the vehicle itself is susceptible to enemy weapon fire. The Baller can be found at the Expedition Outposts and in the pirate camp loot stashes.


fortnite 8.10 the baller

The Baller - Fortnite 8.10 Update

The Vending Machines also got an overhaul. They no longer cost anything to activate in Fortnite’s 8.10 update, however, they do self-destruct after you have claimed your item. They are also harder to find now since common and uncommon vending machines have been removed from the game.


fortnite 8.10 vending machine

Vending Machine, Fortnite 8.10 update

Heavy Assault Rifles have been adjusted too, as they now come in common, uncommon, and rare varieties. Epic and legendary versions have already said their goodbye and they can no longer be found. Aside from all these changes, a new LTM, The Getaway, is live already. All the details about these are available in Fortnite's blog. Fortnite 8.10 update also comes with some changes to the gameplay. Players using PS4 and Xbox One will be pitted against each other now. Epic Games has introduced crossplay matchmaking and players must opt-in to play. If they don’t, players will then be limited to Creative Mode and Playgrounds. The game has also increased in dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end. There are added visual effects for the siphon on elimination and aside from that, players can now build the moment they impact anything after being launched by a Pirate Cannon. If you haven’t tried it yet you should get Fortnite and find out what this "Battle Royale" thing is about right now. Check out our comparator to find the best prices available!

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