Fortnite’s 7.40 Update: New Weapons, Skins, and Overtime Challenges

Fortnite’s 7.40 Update: New Weapons, Skins, and Overtime Challenges

Enough is just not enough for Epic Games as it launches Fornite’s 7.40 update today. Epic Games has a lot more ready for Fornite players, even when Season 7 is about to end. Fornite’s 7.40 is available in all platforms – PS4, PC, mobile, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today. The studio has already announced a Valentine’s themed Share the Love event that will include rewards, new challenges, and many more surprises. Players who support a creator or enter a creator code will get to have the Cuddle Hearts wrap for free. This wrap will also be available soon after the 7.40 update is released. Aside from that, Fornite’s 7.40 update includes a new set of Overtime challenges that will be available until season 7 ends.

Once the ten weekly challenges are completed, players will unlock five new rewards such as Vines contrail and Valentine wrap. As for the Battle Pass holders, they can unlock new styles of Powder, Trog, and Onesie skins as well.



Perhaps the most awaited event from Fortnite’s 7.40 update are the two double XP weekends that will be running from February 15 to 17 and from February 22 to 24. The events will give players the opportunity to level up their Battle Pass one last time before Season 7 is gone. Also, the Island Frenzy event is the last surprise on this season of Fornite. Epic Games will have a new set of featured islands each day between February 12 and February 22. You can read more of that event on Epic’s website. What’s new in Fornite’s 7.40?

  • Infantry Rifle – Nothing much has been revealed about it, but it’s supposed to be based on M1 Garand.
  • Ziplines – Finally, there’s now a zipline interact and using it will give players fall damage immunity.
  • Crossbows – It’s not new, but it’s returning for a limited time.
  • Hand Cannon – Updated in v7.40 with changes to the damage it can cause to structures.
  • Rocket Launcher – Increased reload time and no longer found in the loot chests.
  • Skins, cosmetics (under eye masks), and LTMS
  • X-4 Stormwing – It will no longer fly through and smash structures.

Full patch notes will be revealed soon as v7.40 goes live so be ready for more!

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