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Football Manager 2023 continues its success on PlayStation 5

Football Manager 2023 continues its success on PlayStation 5

The Football Manager series is a classic in the sports simulation genre. It takes a different approach to the action than other big titles like FIFA or PES because it has a deep focus on management. In fact, Football Manager 2023 is the most comprehensive management simulator released to date across all platforms. Its exciting features cover in all detail all the aspects of managing a big football club and offer you total control over your players on the field, and everything surrounding the team out of the field. This year, the game has licensed all the UEFA competitions, so the fans have all of their favorite teams and championships available to play. 



Football Manager 2023 was released on PC in November 2022, but there was a legion of players waiting for the game to become available on PlayStation 5 to take advantage of the latest technology. Unfortunately, the launch was delayed. SEGA explained the reasons behind the postponement in an official statement.

“Both SEGA and Sports Interactive have worked closely with Sony to overcome unforeseen complications which arose during the submissions and approvals process, and we’re relieved to bring an end to the frustration and uncertainty surrounding the release."

“While it’s unusual for us to release during a transfer window, our priority from the moment our initial launch was postponed was to get the game to you as soon as possible. We’d normally wait for all windows to be closed globally but your questions and comments on our socials and forums made it clear that this was the right decision. Once all global transfer windows are closed, we will be providing a free transfer update to all PlayStation 5 players in the coming weeks."

After a long wait and a delay of several weeks, the game finally launched on PS5 a couple of weeks ago, and it met all the expectations. Not only it delivers a great gameplay experience with the best graphics in the series, but also introduces several novelties and polishes its best features. 

Football Manager 2023 is on the way to becoming the most successful game in the series. There are some people that consider that this situation may have something to do with the end of the FIFA series as we know it and the change of PES to a different business model, but SEGA's game was in a totally different league. In any case, you can use our comparator to get a Football Manager 2023 PS5 key at the best price if you want to experience all that the game has to offer.

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