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Football Manager 2023 is the most realistic game in the series

Football Manager 2023 is the most realistic game in the series

This year's installment of the Football Manager series takes the gameplay to a new level by focusing on delivering the most realistic experience to date. Football Manager 2023 has the license for all the UEFA European competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League for the first time in the series. That will allow players to shift the focus from their national leagues to these international competitions and focus on different objectives every season depending on their results. The developers have made an effort into representing all aspects of these tournaments with as much realism as possible to deliver a unique experience that is on par with the rest of the gameplay features in Football Manager 2023. 



This experience can be enjoyed right from the Cup draws, which show and an incredible level of detail in Football Manager 2023.

"To give the Draws themselves the feel of being like the real-life ceremonies, they’ll now have an official host. During the draws, there are two main screens: Live Draw and Overview. Viewing the Live Draw will allow you to watch the draw unfold in real time, with the host providing clarity on who can’t be drawn in a certain group (two teams from the same nation, for example). The Overview tab, meanwhile, will show the current state of play across the groups and the teams that are left to be drawn. There is a similar format for all the draws, whether you’re looking ahead to the Group Stage or gearing up for the Quarter-Finals."

This feature is just the tip of the iceberg in a plethora of novelties that FM 2023 is bringing to the table to increase realism and hook the fans of the series once more. The release of the game is scheduled for November 8 and you can check out the best deals on Football Manager 2023 PC on our comparator if you want to get your copy as cheap as possible.

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