Fallout 76’s Update includes a new event

Fallout 76’s Update includes a new event

Can it get any wilder than Fallout 76’s Update: Wild Appalachia patch?

The latest Fallout 76’s update was just dropped and it’s now available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The patch is about 5.5GB on console and almost 9GB for the PC. The update comes with several bug fixes, improved game performance, and a new event called Project Paradise.

What is Fallout 76's Update Project Paradise Event?

The event takes place in Biome Labs which is a facility found beneath Arktos Pharma in the forest region. Players need to go to the Arktos building just south of Morgantown, step into the lobby, and take the elevator down. It seems that Aid Arktos Pharma has been performing experiments on the Appalachian creatures but said experiments have had unexpected results. It is your job to finish off what they have started. As beautiful the title of the event may be what you will find there is more like the opposite, more like the hell on earth. The underground lab is managed by robots and they are still active during the event so you might participate in "product testing" on the creatures trapped in the place.



The enemies that players encounter in the event are level 50 creatures. Defeating one of them means being rewarded with new loot and XP. That being said, you must be above level 50 before you can begin and it’s better to bring your friends with you on this adventure. It’s also suggested for players to get the feel of the above ground before going down slaying creatures. Other issues addressed in Fallout 76’s update are the performance issues regarding C.A.M.P, challenges, items, and quests. Excessive loading times after accessing Player Vending Machines and frequent PC crash have been fixed too. The patch is expected to eliminate those issues and stabilize the game for a better experience. Fallout 76 is already available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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