Evil Genius 2 post-release content has been revealed

Evil Genius 2 post-release content has been revealed

Although there are many that find that the announcement of post-launch content for a game that is not even available yet is something a bit out of place, it's become a common practice among many developers and publishers. There are many people that think that all the efforts of a studio should be put into achieving the best possible launch instead of thinking ahead but there are others that feel relieved when they know that their soon-to-be-favorite game is not going to be forgotten after launch. It's impossible to please everyone, so the guys at Rebellion have opted for talking about the post-release content that they are planning for Evil Genius 2: World Domination already.

As it happens with many other games, Evil Genius 2 will receive both free and paid content after launch. Free additions to the game will include things like a Photo mode with plenty of options to modify your camera angles, filters, and overlays, so you can show the best view of your most evil side. Paid content will come in the form of several DLC that will add several types of resources that you can use to achieve world domination, including new henchmen, traps, items, and more. A new campaign will also expand Evil Genius 2: World Domination with another evil mastermind for you to play, a new island lair, and a new antagonist that will try to thwart your plans. 



As usual, you will be able to purchase those DLC separately or as part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pass One, which will include the new campaign, two Henchmen Packs, two Minion Packs, and a Lair Item Pack. As the name of the season pass implies, it's quite likely that Rebellion adds others in the future. We will have to wait a bit longer until we can play Evil Genius 2: World Domination, which is coming by the end of this month, but we are sure that more things about the upcoming additional content for the game will be available shortly after that.

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