Check out the first Dune: Spice Wars gameplay video

Check out the first Dune: Spice Wars gameplay video

The development of the new real-time strategy game based on the Dune universe is progressing steadily. We recently talked about some of the features of Dune: Spice Wars after Shiro Games announced their new project at The Game Awards 2021. It came up as a very interesting choice for the fans of the genre as the political turmoil of Arrakis and the fight to control the production of Spice give shape to a very appropriate background to inspire such a kind of game. 

There is a lot to be revealed about the game beyond the basics. We don't even know which factions will be available in the game, even though it's quite clear that the two main Houses in the story from Frank Hebert's novel will be present in Dune: Spice Wars, House Atreides and House Harkonen. The new gameplay video released by Shiro Games sheds more light on several aspects of the upcoming RTS. It depicts a vast world open for exploration where the control of the few resources available and politics are the two fields to dominate if you want to come up victorious. 



Dune: Spice Wars does not seem to be a game where resource gathering and mass production of combat units will yield a fast victory, and the gameplay looks quite slow-paced. We are sure that each of the different factions in the game will have different capabilities and ways to approach the domination of Arrakis. 

Dune: Spice Wars will launch in Early Access this Spring, and Shiro Games plans to add plenty of additional content and multiplayer features during the development process. If you are a Dune fan and you want to give it a try as soon as possible, feel free to visit our comparator to find the best price for your Dune: Spice Wars code ahead of release.

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