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Shiro Games reveals more details about Dune: Spice Wars

Shiro Games reveals more details about Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars announcement during The Game Awards 2021 was well received by the community in the aftermath of the Dune film release that took place last year. David Lynch's film from 1984 served as an inspiration for several strategy games in the past. Therefore, it's not surprising that developer Shiro Games has taken the opportunity granted by the popularity of the new film to create a new strategy game based on the world depicted in Frank Hebert's novel. The uniqueness of Arrakis as a planet, combined with the cruel fight for controlling spice production by several factions, is the perfect scenario for a 4X strategy game, and Dune: Spice Wars plans to take advantage of it to deliver an exciting experience.



The announcement trailer doesn't reveal much in terms of gameplay, but as a real-time 4X strategy game, most genre fans probably have an idea of what to expect. A recent FAQ about Dune: Spice Wars on Steam has shed more light on several aspects of the game and shows some footage. As expected, House Atreides and House Harkonen will be present in the game, but up to three other factions will be added ahead of release and a few others after that. Dune: Spice Wars will feature procedurally generated maps with different gameplay conditions, so each game will be a new experience. 

Shiro Games has also talked about the studio's approach to the development process. Dune: Spice Wars will launch in Early Access this year, and it will start with relatively few features. The time in Early Access will allow them to gather feedback from the community to add more features later, including a campaign, multiplayer, and more.



Therefore, the good news is that Dune: Spice Wars has all the potential to shape into a great experience with the help of the fans. The bad news is that it will probably take a while until we can play the final version. If you are interested in fighting for Arrakis domination and controlling the production of the most valuable element in the universe, the best price to purchase your Dune: Spice Wars Steam key will be available on our comparator in the coming months.

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