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Dragon Age 4 setting has been revealed

Dragon Age 4 setting has been revealed

Dragon Age 4 has been a hot topic in the rumor mill for quite a while and it's for a good reason. BioWare's role-playing game series has a lot of fans and it's one of the most popular in the genre. Dragon Age: Origins was quite a hit when it was launched in 2009 and allowed us to save the kingdom of Ferelden from a demon invasion. It was followed by Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. In each of the games in the series, we take the role of a different character and their stories take place in a different setting in the world of Thedas, but BioWare's wide experience in creating role-playing games with a great narrative is also shown in Dragon Age games, and all of the games in the series are epic adventures.

Since Dragon Age 4 was officially presented during The Game Awards 2020 with a short teaser, all of the fans of the series were left with even more questions about the game and there's been a lot of speculation about what kind of content the game will feature. It seems that we are finally getting some answers thanks to a new Dragon Age artbook. According to Eurogamer, in its pages, you can read that Dragon Age 4 will take place in Tevinter, following the events in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and its expansion Trespasser. Multiple references about the book have been shared through social media and even though BioWare has not talked about it directly, we can take it for granted.



There are plenty of unresolved questions left about Dragon Age 4. we don't know yet what kind of approach BioWare will take to gameplay or who will be the protagonist, but it's quite clear that playing through the previous games in the series will give you a very good foothold to understand where the story in Dragon Age 4 will start. We are sure that more information about the game will appear in the following months now that the beans have been officially spilled.

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