Detroit: Become Human gets a release date on PC

Detroit: Become Human gets a release date on PC

Quantic Dream announced a few months ago the release on PC of some of their titles formerly exclusive to PlayStation 4. This stems directly from the fact that the studio has, at the beginning of the year, forged new partnerships, notably with NetEase, and thus opens its perspectives for the future by freeing some ties with Sony.

On the other hand, the titles from Quantic Dream arrive on PC only via the Epic Games Store for the moment, and we do not know if this exclusive on PC will be permanent. So we saw Heavy Rain released last June, followed by Beyond: Two Souls in July. The third title should be Detroit: Become Human, but it has taken a bit more to arrive on the platform, since it will be released on December 12th.

Detroit: Become Human PC is coming on December 12!

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— QUANTIC DREAM (@Quantic_Dream) November 20, 2019

We finally have a release date for the last game of this triptych. Quantic Dream announced the news via its Twitter account yesterday and gave the ok to the launch of Detroit: Become Human pre-order on the Epic Games platform. As it happened with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit Become: Human will offer undecided players a free demo, which will be available on the day of the release, December 12th.

Although the stories are not related, Detroit Become: Human follows the lineage of its predecessors by offering players a solo game with a strong narrative dimension. The story unfolds in a near future in which androids occupy a major place in society. Initially intended to serve humans, some have decided to rebel and put an end to their slavery. You will follow the fate of three of these androids throughout the game in a world on the brink of chaos.




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