Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human arrive at the Epic Games Store!

Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human arrive at the Epic Games Store!
Epic Games is definitely gaining ground. After grabbing some temporary exclusives, including Metro Exodus, which has been removed from Steam, Epic will host in its catalog three new games. And this news should delight the PC players since it is Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human, three games from the Quantic Dream studio which were previously Playstation exclusives. Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls were already playable on PC via the PlayStation Plus service, but you still had to pay every month to play them. The announcement was made during the GDC, as well as through a tweet on the Detroit: Become Humans page. No specific date has been communicated yet, but the wait should not be very long because their release is scheduled for this year. For those unfamiliar with these titles, here is a short summary.
Heavy Rain, released on February 18, 2010, on PS3
Heavy Rain is an atypical game, in the form of an interactive movie, and the main theme lies in this question: "How far would you go to save the one you love?" . It's a thriller that will immerse you in a decidedly dark atmosphere, putting you in the shoes of four different characters who investigate a serial killer. Heavy Rain will ask you to make choices throughout the game, which will have an impact on the next events. Seven different purposes are proposed depending on your actions. The game benefited from a graphic redesign in 2016 when it was ported to PS4.
Beyond: Two Souls, released October 9, 2013, on PS3
With a type of gameplay similar to Heavy Rain, in Beyond: Two Souls you will play Jodie Holmes, a young woman with supernatural powers. She can communicate with an invisible entity, and you will discover her story, since her childhood, in a non-linear way. The game is cut into chapters, and you will not only control Jodie, but also the mysterious entity. Beyond: Two Souls was particularly talked about during his announcement because of the presence of Ellen Page and William Dafoe in the cast.
Detroit: Become Human, released on the 25th but 2018 on PS4
As its name suggests, Detroit: Become Human takes place in the city of Detroit in the United States. The action takes place in 2038, while humans and androids live together. Androids are supposed to be at the service of humans, but some do not agree with that. During the game, you will play three androids who try to free themselves from the yoke of humans. As in previous titles, your actions will have an impact on the events, but also the characters around you because Detroit: Become Human, introduces a reputation system. To find all your favorite games, on all platforms, and at the best price, visit our comparator.

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