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Death's Door becomes quite popular right after its launch

Death's Door becomes quite popular right after its launch

Sometimes a game doesn't need to have insanely huge scenarios with detailed graphics and hundreds of millions invested in its development to become a success. With a bit of effort, an original idea, and a good execution certain studios are more than capable of delivering a great gameplay experience to the players. Those games tend to grow quite rapidly by catching the attention of plenty of players in a very short period of time and this is the case with Death's Door. This little jewel developed by Acid Nerve has managed to reach over 100,000 players in the first week after its launch and has announced it with a celebratory video showcasing its protagonist, a sword-wielding crow.



Death's Door is an immersive action adventure published by Devolver Digital that puts you in the shoes of a little crow who is in charge of hunting the souls of the deceased. One of his targets is missing and finding it will require traveling to a strange land inhabited by monsters that should have died long ago. Of course, those dangerous creatures are not too keen on the Grim Reaper Crow and will try to stop him by all means. Our little hero will have to deal with them with the help of his melee and magic skills while navigating through sprawling scenarios full of traps and puzzles. Leaving aside the action, Death's Door offers quite an immersive experience to the players, with a captivating soundtrack and a very particular aesthetic style. 

With different weapons to choose from and a beautiful world to explore, Death's Door is a remarkably well-made adventure that also offers you a dark tale with comedy tints that will allow you to discover the truth about the origin of the crows and their relation with the strange universe where they live. 

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