Dark-Fantasy Action Gory game, VOIN, is launching a public playtest

Dark-Fantasy Action Gory game, VOIN, is launching a public playtest

VOIN, a brand new title, just released its trailer on early 5/3/2024. Powered by Unreal Engine, VOIN was created by Nikita Sozidar, a solo Developer, published by tinyBuild on the PC.

VOIN is a first-person game with fast-paced combat and gore elements, may remind you of DOOM, but with melee weapons instead of using guns. A representative for VOIN described it as such: "Imagine DOOM, Diablo, and Neon White having a baby at a goth rave party." The game combines pixelated old-school and unique art styles, fast-paced, dynamic gameplay, exceptional sound design, and the most advanced game development technologies available today. The player will take control of the elemental servants created by a powerful mage to fulfill one purpose: become a formidable weapon in the hands of their mysterious creators and join the quest to cleanse the world of a devastating plague that has consumed all life.


Despite being an indie game developed by a single developer, VOIN has an absolute potential and was made with passion. With the game's fast-paced combat and exciting gameplay, VOIN promises an amazing experience as you slash through hundreds of enemies and facing many challenging bosses.

"Carve your path through countless foes with gameplay that demands skill and reflexes: use brutal combo attacks, powerful strikes, and stylish dodges. Do you have the skills to complete the game without taking a single hit?" - From the game description on Steam.

While the release date for VOIN is still undetermined, the game is currently open for public playtesting on its official Steam page. For the best deals on VOIN, we highly recommend you using dLcompare's price comparion tool.

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