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The Cyber Heist DLC brings melee combat to The Ascent

The Cyber Heist DLC brings melee combat to The Ascent

Neon Giant did hit the nail with The Ascent. The futuristic action RPG was one of the favorites last year, and it even managed to get nominated for the GOTY Award. Its exciting gameplay and unique cyberpunk setting accompany an intriguing storyline in a world full of warring factions, people struggling to survive, and a society where violence is the ultimate means to solve any kind of problem. As the worker of a megacorporation that literally owns the city, you are thrown into a chaotic experience as your employer suddenly shuts down. Finding out why and if you are able to survive in the world of The Ascent is an epic adventure that you can engage as you please with plenty of combat configurations, as you have a wide array of guns, cyber implants, and modifications to create your own playstyle.

The Ascent has enough content to keep you occupied for a long while, but developer Neon Giant is expanding the game with new features via the Cyber Heist DLC. This expansion adds a new campaign and plenty of additional side missions that will get you to visit new locations. You will only be able to access them after you complete the main campaign in The Ascent, but you don't really need to own the expansion to play them, as the new missions are playable in co-op mode, providing that one of the players involved owns the Cyber Heist DLC.  It will become available on August 18.



Cyber Heist adds plenty of new weapons and melee enhancements to the game, allowing players more up-and-personal combat interactions. It's a significant change for The Ascent, as most of the weapons previously available in the game are ranged.

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