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Classic RPG Gothic may have a remake in the future

Classic RPG Gothic may have a remake in the future

It turns out that the possibility of the classic role-playing game from Piranha Bites having a remake is going to depend on the players. THQ Nordic has thought of a very original way of finding out what kind of acceptance one of their projects will have by releasing a playable teaser of a new version of Gothic.



Even though the original Gothic wasn't perfect it has managed to get many followers over the years with its dark atmosphere and solid RPG mechanics, and it served as the foundation for a few sequels. Gothic playable teaser allows players to visit a reimagined version of The Colony, a prison settlement in the Khorinis mines that produces the magical ore that King Rhobar II needs to create powerful weapons. A mutiny among the prisoners leads to a situation where the most dangerous inmates are in control of the settlement, forcing the King himself to negotiate. It is in this scenario of turmoil where the story of Gothic takes place. You will play as a prisoner that will have to face wild animals, creatures and convicts of dangerous reputation while being immersed in a complex story of loyalties and betrayals.

Gothic playable teaser lets you experience two hours of gameplay as you explore The Colony and get familiar with the world, discovering the gameplay mechanics which include tactical combat full of action and even a crafting system.



Gothic playable teaser is available for free on Steam to all players who already own a game developed by Piranha Bites in their libraries. That pretty much includes Elex or any game in the Risen and the Gothic series.

Don't forget to leave our opinion if you give it a try and remember that it is not a full game but a playable teaser, so all the feedback THQ Nordic can get from this experience will probably influence the final decision about releasing a new Gothic, but also the type of game that we get in the end.

  • Categories : Role-Playing
  • Editor : Piranha Bytes
  • Developer : Piranha Bytes
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : December 15, 2001
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