Celebrate the ARMA series' anniversary with a free game

Celebrate the ARMA series' anniversary with a free game

The games in the ARMA series are among the most challenging first-person shooters when it comes to tactical skills and strategy. Developer Bohemia Interactive has focused on making the games in the series as real as possible, managing to recreate quite an accurate representation of modern warfare. The series is 20 years old now and you can get ARMA: Cold War Assault for free on PC to celebrate the anniversary. 

ARMA: Cold War Assault was originally released as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Assault in 2001, but ten years later it was launched as a reboot due to some property rights conflict with Codemasters, who still owns the Operation Flashpoint trademark. The game is a tactical shooter that immerses you in the prelude of World War III. It features a story-driven campaign with 20 missions that take place on three different islands. ARMA: Cold War Assault allows you to take several different roles as a member of the army, including foot soldier, tank driver, or even pilot, and each of them offers a different gameplay experience. The game also includes the original Operation Flashpoint: Resistance expansion, which adds the island of Nogova, a huge location with more than 100km2. You can also make use of a detailed mission editor to create your own campaigns.



The graphics in ARMA: Cold War Assault look rather old, but the game still offers a good gameplay experience and you can get it for free. All you have to do is visiting GOG to claim the game and add it to your library, but you will need to hurry, as the offer will expire very soon. If you are new to the ARMA series and you like the type of experience that ARMA: Cold War Assault offers, you should check out the latest installment in the series, ARMA III, an open-world tactical shooter with a great and active community.

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