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Call of the Sea launches on PlayStation today

Call of the Sea launches on PlayStation today

Call of the Sea has been available for a while on other platforms but it finally arrives to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today. This enjoyable adventure of mystery and love was originally released in December 2020 on PC via GOG and Steam as well as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S but developer Raw Fury is finally publishing a version for Sony's consoles. We already knew that it was coming this month and its launch has been accompanied by a new video.

Call of the Sea puts you in the shoes of Norah, a woman who is suffering from a strange illness that is killing her. His husband disappeared along with his expedition while exploring an island in the South Pacific. He was looking for a way of curing the mysterious disease that afflicts Norah but now she is the one in charge of rescuing him. Norah will find herself exploring a desolate island and having to solve puzzles to progress in this adventure. Call of the Sea features a deep narrative and very simple but beautiful graphics and combines them to deliver a thrilling light horror experience that will keep you glued to the screen through several chapters. Even though the game is heavily inspired by the novels of H. P. Lovecraft it's not a horror story about descending into madness, and it offers a completely different point of view when it comes to facing the mystery.



Call of the Sea has been praised by critics and players. Even though it's not a big AAA title it will keep you entertained for a while with a good story and plenty of puzzles to solve with the right level of challenge. As usual, you can find Call of the Sea at the best price by visiting our comparator anytime.

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