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Balan Wonderworld's difficulty will be rebalanced for its launch

Balan Wonderworld's difficulty will be rebalanced for its launch

Balan Wonderworld is the upcoming platform game from Yuji Naka, the creator of SEGA's most popular platform video game series, Sonic the Hedgehog. With such a renowned person as part of the development team, the new platformer has caught the attention of quite a lot of players, and they have had the opportunity of playing the game via a free demo that has been available for a while already on several platforms. It seems that the developer is taking very seriously the feedback provided by those players and that it will have an impact on the final version of Balan Wonderworld, which is slated for a release on March 23, 2020.

According to Balan Wonderworld producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, the game will receive a big patch on launch day that will add many changes to the game and rebalance its difficulty to reflect the feedback provided by those that played the demo. The patch will also adjust camera movement and controls to offer a "more balanced gameplay experience". But we are bound to see more changes after launch since it would be impossible to implement as many modifications as they would want to just a couple of weeks before it becomes available.



Balan Wonderworld is an exciting platformer in 3D that follows the adventures of Leo Craig and Emma Cole as they delve into the amazing universe of the game and explore twelve different worlds accompanied by the maestro Balan. With lots of collectibles and costumes to unlock and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the most popular classics in the genre, the game offers quite an entertaining experience. If you want to give it a try ahead of launch, the demo is still available on Square Enix's website. You can play it on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 5, and unlock some costumes for your characters in the game as a bonus.

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