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ATLAS – The Ultimate Survival Game

ATLAS – The Ultimate Survival Game

ATLAS is beyond massive. It is ambitious and absolutely unpredictable. It’s the new survival MMO game by Grapeshot Games, sister team of Studio Wildcard. The game can hold up to 40,000 players building ships, gaining skills, and exploring the ocean simultaneously. It’s priced at $29.99 for Early Access and $59.99 after launch. The number of players diving into the ocean world is overwhelming, many have negative opinions of the game but let’s see if it’s worth our money. Their updates are equally mind-blowing so until then, let’s hope for this game to exceed players’ expectation.

General Information

ATLAS is a multiplayer pirate adventure game. It boasts an impressive number of gamers from all over the globe battling, building ships, assembling forts, and many more, all at the same time. Players start making their keep on a small island and will keep building and expanding their territories across oceans. The game has various activities and adventures to offer. It’s like Cast Away but in this one, you are the captain and you can do everything you want. Imagination is basically your limit! You can play the game and battle with others individually or team up with other adventurers to sail oceans and discover new lands to explore. Minimum requirements to play the game are: Windows 7-10(64 - bit version), at least an Intel Core i-5 2400 processor, 4GB RAM Memory, NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB, and at least 100GB of free space. It is not very demanding and just needs the usual requirements for most games available in the market these days.



ATLAS -Features

It is by far the biggest MMO game ever created. Players sail in real time. There are 700 land masses in a 45,000 square kilometer land area. It’s loaded with various lands full of resources, creatures, challenges, and hazards. Players build their ships from the bottom, so you’ll start with a rowboat, to a raft, then a sloop, and if you invest time and effort you will build your own cargo ship with a crew! You can name your ship and choose your flag as well. It’s as real as it could get. Many reviewers have been babbling about how their time is wasted because what they built overnight is gone the moment they log in the next day. They might have been sloppy when the developers said that everything in this game is practically up for grabs! You can take someone’s properties with the right methods and special tools. It’s a pirate game, it’s expected. Atlas' issues during Early Access are being addressed before its official release. There are updates every now and then, furthering the interest of players all over the globe.

Updates of ATLAS

The updates are up and changes have been made a number of times. At the beginning of the month, game developers announced the changes in Atlas v10. Some of the changes focused on land ownership, cooking, survival modes, progression, and creature balance. Players now have limitless commodities since more trade ships are now sailing on seas. Gold and NPCs are now available in Freeports as well. The costs of ships are also adjusted making them accessible for new players. The most ironic, if not funny of all the changes is that eating poop instantly kills your character. Well, if that’s not a funny addition, I don’t know what is.

What's the TEA?

It's a great game, in fact, it's promising. However, you just can't deny this game takes so much time. You'd literally be playing 48 hours straight building your ship, planting crops, and lose them all the next day. If you want this kind of adventure then go for it. Might as well pack a lot of patience before logging in because you'll be needing lots of it. But for many, ATLAS is just a spin-off of ARK so there's that. My disclaimer, player experience differ from one person to another, so give it a shot - it's all up to you. So there you go, ATLAS - if you want MMO at its massiveness then this game is perfect for you. Ahoy, Pirate!

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