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Amnesia: Rebirth gets an adventure mode

Amnesia: Rebirth gets an adventure mode

When one thinks of the Amnesia series, it's immediately linked to psychological terror, darkness, and scary stuff. Waking up in an unknown place with no recollection about yourself or your past is already a shocking experience, but if you are hunted by fearsome creatures in an environment you don't really know the thrill of your experience escalates to a point in which you just want to escape. Amnesia: Rebirth, the last installment in the series, does a very good job keeping exactly that experience fresh with new characters and environments. The game puts you in the shoes of Tasi Trianon, a woman that wakes up in the middle of the Algerian desert with a lot of questions about her past, and follows the pattern of previous installments in the series. It offers a thrilling experience that will keep you on your toes from the beginning to the end.



But developer Frictional Games seems to be interested in trying new things, and thanks to a new update you will also have the opportunity of exploring the world of Amnesia: Rebirth in a completely different way. Adventure Mode lets you turn the game into an exploration experience by removing monsters and adding some puzzles. Amnesia: Rebirth creative lead Fredrik Olsson has explained it:


"We believe that anyone who loves a good story-driven adventure game will be stoked about this new gameplay mode. Not everyone is into horror and we don’t want that to block people from experiencing Tasi’s story. We did something very similar when we released the Safe mode for SOMA. It was extremely well received and opened up the game to a much broader audience, something we hope will happen with Rebirth as well."


If you bought Amnesia: Rebirth looking for a deep horror experience, Adventure Mode may not be for you. But if you want to experience the game from a brand new perspective, it will be the perfect choice for you, as it will let you learn a bit more about Tasi's story without having to worry about getting devoured by an unknown being every minute.

  • Official website : Amnesia Rebirth
  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : frictional games
  • Developer : frictional games
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : October 20, 2020
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