Akuma is the new playable character in Street Fighter 6

Akuma is the new playable character in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 continues to be among the most important fighting video games currently available alongside Tekken 8, Mortal Kombat 1, and others. The game is included in EVO's lineup and there are plenty of competitors training for this year's tournament which will be split into two events. The first one will be held in Tokyo the last weekend of April, and the second one in Las Vegas on July 19. These tournaments will gather the best players in the genre and Street Fighter 6 will be one of the preferred games with many viewers. The game features a large cast of characters to choose from and most competitors have had a long time to practice their movements as Street Fighter 6 has been available to play since last Summer. However, the addition of a new character will make things a bit more complicated for the participants this year.

Meet Akuma

Akuma is a fighter who appeared in the series for the first time in 1994 as a hidden boss in Street Fighter II Turbo. This master of the Satsui no Hado returns to the fighting arena with a new and imposing look as the new playable character in Street Fighter 6. Capcom has confirmed that he will be added to the game this Spring, but the Japanese company has not confirmed when exactly. In the game, you will be able to find him and become his pupil to learn his dark fighting techniques in the World Tour Mode but Akuma will also be playable on other modes. You can have a first look at Akuma in the following video.



It's worth mentioning that Akuma will be the last character in the first year of Street Fighter 6. Capcom is already preparing to expand the game with more content throughout the game's second year and there is a lot of speculation in the community about what characters will be added next. We will probably have to wait until the Summer to know more about any upcoming additions.

Street Fighter 6 currently features 21 playable characters and Akuma will increase that number but you can expect plenty of other Fighters to be added to the game. This number is still quite far from the 45 fighters available in Street Fighter V, although many of them were added post-launch. On this matter, Street Fighter 6 has just started its journey.

With its new gameplay mechanics, additional features, and impressive graphics, Street Fighter 6 is a must-have for any fan of fighting video games. If you have yet to discover the game, you can use our comparator to buy a cheap Street Fighter 6 code for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series. Also, you can expand your experience at the best price with the Street Fighter 6 - Year 1 Character Pass and the Street Fighter 6 - Year 1 Ultimate Pass.

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