A Total War Saga: Troy has been officially announced

A Total War Saga: Troy has been officially announced

We are still enjoying the awesome gameplay of Total War: Three Kingdoms and Creative Assembly has decided to deny us any kind of rest with the announcement of the new installment in the series. It was leaked a few hours before the official announcement but A Total War Saga: Troy is the upcoming title that will be part of the one of the most popular strategy series.



This time it's going to be complicated to decide if A Total War Saga: Troy is a title that follows history accurately or not, pretty much because there is no record of the war of Troy really happening, and the game will take inspiration on Homer's Illiad. We are certain that the developers will use this fact to deliver a fascinating story while, at the same time, trying to be as true as possible to the warfare methods used in that era.

According to Creative Assembly press release on the matter we will be the ones to decide if we follow history as it was narrated by Homer or forge a new path for our destiny.

"Inspired by Homer’s Iliad, Troy will let you forge a heroic legacy in the late Bronze Age, the furthest back in time the critically acclaimed franchise has ever traveled. The fate of Aegean civilization will be in your hands; each choice you make will shape the lands from the mythical heights of Mount Olympus to the arid deserts of Lemnos. Experience history as it may have happened or shape the legend for yourself in this unique chapter of Total War."



On the gameplay side, we can expect the usual features present in other Total War titles but we can assume that the hero-driven gameplay that is present in Total War: Three Kingdoms will probably be in this new game too, since it would be in line with the relevance that Homer gives to certain powerful individuals in his tale.

A Total War Saga: Troy will be released next year on PC through Steam, but no release date has been revealed so far.

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