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A reboot of the Dead Space series would be in development

A reboot of the Dead Space series would be in development

Dead Space is arguably one of the most popular third-person shooter franchises of recent years. After a well-received first installment in 2008, the series welcomed two sequels, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3,  but there's been no news about the series since 2013, even though the fans are daying for a fourth installment.

As we told you, Dead Space is not just a TPS, it's also a survival horror game that puts you in the shoes of an engineer, Isaac Clarke, who is trapped aboard the USG Ishimura while on a rescue mission. However, the crew is no longer human after being infected with a virus that revives the dead and transforms them into necromorphs. Dead Space has often been called "the scariest game", in part because of the fact that the player has to dismember his enemies to defeat them. It also features a fairly innovative approach to the user interface, with a menu that appears as a hologram. Dead Space is also known to be quite challenging especially due to the lack of pausing. 


It looks like fans of the series will be able to revive Dead Space, as a reboot of the series is reportedly in the works. We've been hearing rumors about it for a while now, but nothing really tangible. But Jeff Grubb, a journalist at VentureBeat who is known for providing reliable information, has recently declared that Electronic Arts, and more precisely EA Motive studio, is indeed working on a reboot of a famous license, and that we would hear about it soon, namely on July 22nd, during the EA Play event. What makes all this really interesting is that the information has been picked up and corroborated by VGC, Eurogamer, and Gematsu, all of which point to this specific rumor about Dead Space being true.

Although we don't currently have any information from an official source about the Dead Space reboot, these confirmations have given a lot of weight to what was initially just a rumor. If all this is true, it's unlikely that EA will say anything about it before July 22nd, as an announcement of a new Dead Space could well be the highlight of the show. We will find out the truth next month!

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