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343 Industries addresses the problem with Halo Infinite Battle Pass

343 Industries addresses the problem with Halo Infinite Battle Pass

The free multiplayer version of Halo Infinite is a complete success when it comes to participation. Not only has it drawn the attention of the Halo series' fans, but there are also many players who are not quite satisfied with the current status of Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard that are giving it a try. The type of gameplay it offers is not exactly the same as those titles, but the overall shooting experience seems to be good enough for thousands of players already. 

But not everyone is happy about all aspects of Halo Infinite, and the current state of its Battle Pass has raised some concerns. The amount of experience needed to complete a single level of the pass is absurdly high for many players. Sometimes it takes more than 20 games to level up, and that's something that makes the game a bit too grindy for a majority of players. 343 Industries has listened to the complaints, and it will soon be changing the way rewards are handled in Halo Infinite. Community manager John Junyszek has explained it all on Twitter:



To sum it up, you will receive increased XP rewards for the first six games that you play every day. With these changes, you are more or less guaranteed a battle pass level per day which is far more reasonable than the current progression. Nothing has been said on when these changes will be introduced, though, but we expect them to be soon. There are still other concerns about the whole progression system in Halo Infinite, but this is a good start. 

343 Industries still has some work to do to tune Halo Infinite multiplayer properly, but the release of the Halo Infinite campaign will still take a while.  

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