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You have one week to get Torchlight 2 free on PC

You have one week to get Torchlight 2 free on PC

It's a real shame that Runic Games had to close its doors. The studio provided us with a few very good games while it was open, the most noticeable ones being the ones in the Torchlight series. Torchlight is an action RPG that features gameplay similar to Diablo but enhances it with a series of novelties. The game was released in 2009 and it rapidly got the attention of the fans of the genre with its randomly generated universe and picturesque visuals. The game became quite popular and it was followed by a sequel, Torchlight 2, which you can get for free until next Thursday on Epic Games Store.



Torchlight 2 takes the features that made it's predecessor successful and enhances them with even better graphics, more customization options for the players, and wide support for mods that allow players to create their own classes and modify the game in many different ways. It also includes a New Game + mode, expanding the replayability of the title. You can play as one of four different heroes as they give chase to the evil Alchemist, who has destroyed the town of Torchlight. The game features four different classes: Engineer, Embermage, Outlander, and Berserker.  Each of them can make use of a variety of skills that can be unlocked as you level up and that will allow you to create your own gameplay style.

Although Runic Games is no more, the Torchlight license is now in the hands of new developers, and they are already working on Torchlight 3. The new installment in the series was originally supposed to be like an MMORPG but the focus has been changed during the development and the new game will follow the steps of its predecessors to deliver all those features that Torchlight fans love. Torchlight 3 is now on Early Access, so you still have more than enough time to play Torchlight 2 on PC before you can move on to the next game. If you want to get Torchlight 2 for free on PC, all you have to do is visiting Epic Games Store and claim it so it's permanently added to your library.



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