Totally Reliable Delivery Service is free for a whole week

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is free for a whole week

One of the people that are working really hard right now are those in charge of deliveries. Since many of us are staying at home, we are using the internet to order all kinds of things and the guys working in the different delivery services are having a lot of work. Totally Reliable Delivery Service can help you to understand how risky can be to deliver a fragile package in time, or maybe not, but at least it will make you have some fun trying to do it.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a goofy simulator that allows you to have fun trying to get to your destination to deliver a package in time to certain customers. It's a sandbox game with ragdoll physics in which you will drive a variety of crazy vehicles to try and carry a fragile package to its destination. From planes to boats, balloons, golf carts and rockets you have plenty of ways of transportation to attempt to finish the job and you can also be accompanied by up to three friends, making it even more fun. You will get a a higher score if you accomplish your mission but the funniest part of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is just crashing along the way at the most pure Goat Simulator style. 



Totally Reliable Delivery Service is available for a whole week for free in Epic Games Store but it´s not the only game that you can get for free to make your stay at home a little less boring. You can also claim Gone Home, Drawful 2, and Hob without having to pay for them starting tomorrow, and you still have a few hours left to get a free copy of World War Z, Figment, and Torment X Punisher.

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