Rogue Legacy 2 enters Early Access next month

Rogue Legacy 2 enters Early Access next month

Cellar Door Games surprised us in 2013 with a very interesting take on the platform genre. Rogue Legacy included roguelike mechanics to allow us to explore randomly generated dungeons and fight bosses in a unique way. Once you die in the game, your character is lost, as it usually happens in similar games, but that doesn't put an end to your adventure, because you will continue playing as one of the descendants of the original character. Of course, these new characters come with special perks and abilities that may or may not have something to do with the ones your previous character had. The result was a very refreshing game with almost endless options that has delighted the fans of the genre for quite a few years.

Now, a sequel is in the works and it will be playable very soon as announced by the developers yesterday. Rogue Legacy 2 will be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on July 23. The game will be entering the Early Access programs of both digital platforms on said date and players will be able to explore a randomly generated kingdom, fighting monsters and exploring new locations in an epic adventure once more. Rogue Legacy 2 features a hand-drawn game style that makes it look far better than the previous game and it also adds new mechanics to guarantee that each descendant will be unique. One of the most significant changes when comparing it to its predecessor is that in Rogue Legacy 2 each of the characters uses different weapons which allow for more varied gameplay options.



Of course, the version of Rogue Legacy 2 that players will access in Early Access is not the final one, and the game will still be under development for a while. The developers will continue to add more content and features to the game during that time but if you liked the original Rogue Legacy you might want to get Rogue Legacy 2 in Early Access because it will be a tad cheaper than when the final version is released. 

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