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Remnant: From the Ashes will receive its final DLC next month

Remnant: From the Ashes will receive its final DLC next month

It's quite nice when a new game gets better results than expected and shines with its own light, especially when it shares similarities with other games that were released previously. Remnant: From the Ashes turned out to be one of those, and developers at Gunfire Games couldn't be happier having sold 1.6 million copies of their action role-playing game. Being compared to Dark Souls games is a double-edged blade. The series developed by From software is so popular that you may attract some players that are looking for a similar experience, but it will also have a negative impact on the success of your game if it's just a clone that offers nothing different. Remnant: From the Ashes offers players a compelling story and a solid gameplay experience that has managed to keep them hooked to the game. 

Of course, Gunfire Games has not been idle in the process and they have released DLC to keep the players interested in the game with new features, and that is exactly what will happen in August when the final Remnant: From the Ashes DLC will be released.



With the name of Subject 2923, this expansion will expand the story in Remnant: From the Ashes, allowing players to delve a bit deeper into the origins of the world of the game. It will take place after the events of the main game and it will let you discover Ward Prime, the facility where humanity connected Earth with other worlds for the first time. Subject 2923 will also take players away from urban areas and allow them to explore rural locations for the first time. The expansion will also include a new world to explore, the frozen Kingdom of Reisum. Of course, there will be new equipment and weapons included in Subject 2923 too.

Remnant: From the Ashes is much more than Dark Souls with guns, and it will prove you to be quite wrong very fast if you thought that. Swamp of Corsus and Subject 2923 expansions only help to make it even better. You will be able to get them all together in a single pack when the latest expansion is released on August 20, but it you already have Remnant: From the Ashes, you will be able to buy Subject 2923 separately too.



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