Diablo IV: Blizzard publishes the first quarterly report

Diablo IV: Blizzard publishes the first quarterly report

After being announced at BlizzCon 2019 we finally receive some new information about Diablo IV. During the event, Blizzard promised players to keep them regularly informed about the progress of the game via blog articles, but also through quarterly reports. Well, three months later, Blizzard has just released the first Diablo IV report.

There is information about the development of the game, but this report focuses in particular on two aspects: the user interface, and the presentation of the Cannibals.

During BlizzCon 2019, a playable demo of Diablo IV was presented. It allowed players to have a first overview of the gameplay but was also a very good tool for Blizzard to collect feedback and opinions from players. It served to point out that the user interface, and in particular the inventory screen which took up "a pictorial style echoing the overall artistic direction of the game" was inadequate and it was finally considered "ill-suited" by Blizzard. As a result, the icons of the items and the overall aesthetics of the inventory interface have been completely reworked.

"Our goal is to come up with a dark and realistic interface, but one that remains easy to use."


In the same way, the action bar can be positioned as desired, in the lower-left corner or in the center. Blizzard discusses here a question of comfort for players depending on their platform. This report also analyzes some of the new features of Diablo IV, including the compatibility of controllers on PC as well as the interface for the local coop mode.

The other subject of this first quarterly report on Diablo IV is the introduction of the Cannibals. Diablo IV features “monster families”, each of them composed of several units that will interact differently with the player. This family system is used to give more depth and realism to the game. The family of cannibals has four members, and all of them will fight hand to hand with different weapons and styles of combat.

To find out more about this new family of monsters and to view the details of the quarterly report, you can visit the official website of the game. And as usual, you can find the best prices for Diablo IV on our comparison engine.

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