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Demon Slayer, a first trailer reveals Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Keppuutan

Demon Slayer, a first trailer reveals Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Keppuutan

In case you missed it, Demon Slayer is probably one of the most popular manga series of 2019. It is even last year's best-selling manga of Shūeisha, one of the biggest publishing houses in Japan. Demon Slayer also received an adaptation to an animated series and a film based on it is planned for 2020.

But Demon Slayer will also have its own video game adaptation. The announcement was made in Shōnen Jump magazine a short while ago, but aside from the fact that it will see the light of day in 2021, we had no details until then.

It is now confirmed since a first trailer has been unveiled. The game will be called Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Keppuutan and it will be developed by CyberConnect2. As a reminder, the studio is not at its first attempt in terms of adaptation of manga to video games. They have developed a good number of games from the notable Naruto series, but also the more recent Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Keppuutan will put us in the shoes of the protagonist of the manga, Kamado Tanjiro, who seeks to avenge his family. One day, on his way home after going to the nearby town to earn some money to buy food for his family, Kamado discovers that they all were killed by a demon, except for his little sister, who was barely alive. However, she was transformed into a demon, but she kept a bit of her humanity. Kamado will then embark on a quest to find a cure to save his sister and avenge his family.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Keppuutan will be a fighting and action game that will be released in 2021, exclusively on PS4. We can see in the trailer that the game will have anime style graphics with cel-shading and it will be aesthetic similar to what CyberConnect2 offered us in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Given the success of the latter, we can't wait to know more about this adaptation of Demon Slayer.

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