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Blasphemous is getting a free DLC next month

Blasphemous is getting a free DLC next month

August is becoming a great month for videogames, with a lot of releases scheduled for it. Among those, we can find the first DLC for Blasphemous, which was announced yesterday during the Day of the Devs event that followed Summer Game Fest. Team 17 has revealed that The Stir of Dawn will launch as a free DLC for the 2D action-platformer developed by The Game Kitchen, Blasphemous. The expansion will feature a lot of novelties and important changes to the game.



First of all, players that have finished the campaign will be able to continue playing Blasphemous in a New Game+ mode called True Cavalry, which will challenge players with a much higher difficulty. They will also find new bosses to fight and new combat mechanics, like the counterattacks, which will change the way you play Blasphemous by giving you more options in combat. The Stir of Dawn will also include a new Penitence System that will let you choose groups of permanent modifiers that will have an effect on your character to make gameplay even more challenging, something like the Mayhem levels in Borderlands 3. The DLC will also include a series of adjustments, visual improvements, and new areas that will make the game experience better. Finally, players will have the option of playing the game listening to it in Spanish due to updated voice acting.



Blasphemous mixes platforms with hack and slash mechanics, and combines them with a dark storyline to deliver quite a satisfying experience. It lets you follow the story of The Penitent One as he tries to find a way of escaping eternal damnation in the cursed world of Cvstodia. The Stir of Dawn DLC will only make it better and you will get it for free on August 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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