A new rumor generates doubts about Breath of the Wild 2

A new rumor generates doubts about Breath of the Wild 2

Announced during Nintendo Direct during E3 2019, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, whose name is also provisional, has been kept in the shadows by the developers since then. Indeed, apart from the trailer that we were able to discover during the event, we did not really have much official information to share because Nintendo has been completely silent about the game since the announcement.

There is literally no info about Breath of the Wild 2 and not even a possible release date, but the slightest hint about the sequel to one of the best games in The Legend of Zelda series tends to cause a lot of reactions. That's what happens today with a new rumor about it.

The Spanish podcast Un café con Nintendo published yesterday a new episode in which the voice dubbers of Zelda and Revali, Nerea Alfonso, and Marcel Navarro were guests. And of course, the sequel to Breath of the Wild was mentioned, a particular passage caught the attention, and sparked new rumors:

- Marcel Navarro: Concerning the second part ... I can't say if we dubbed it or not ...

- Café con Nintendo: Of course, you can say it (laughs).

- Nerea Alfonso: we don't know, we don't know. Whether we have dubbed it or not, nothing can be said.

- Marcel Navarro: Ok, I don't remember having dubbed this second part or not (laughs). I will not lie.

This short excerpt has generated some doubts and some people believe that it could mean that the dubbing of the game, at least in Spanish, is over and that it could, therefore, be released quite soon since the dubbing is something that usually occurs towards the end of the development process.



It is not impossible that this is the case, but there is nothing to confirm this with certainty. On the other hand, an interesting point is that if Marcel Navarro did indeed work on Breath of the Wild 2, it means that Revali should appear in the new game.

We may have answers to these questions soon if Nintendo, like many other publishers are doing right now, decides to organize an online event to announce their current and future projects. If this would be the case it is likely that we would have info on the sequel to Breath of the Wild. Nothing has been announced about it happening so far, so we will have to wait.

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