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    Destiny is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic mythic science fiction world, from Bungie, the developer behind the Halo franchise. Players take control of a Guardian, protectors of the last bastion of safety on hearth. Choose from three unique classes, and develop and utilize the skills you will need to defeat alien threats and stave off extinction. In Destiny, the player’s goal is to revive the Traveler, a mysterious, celestial being that helped humanity expand its reach to planets beyond Earth, hundreds of years ago. Travel to various planets and complete missions to progress toward your intended goal. Choose one of three unique classes on your journey through the galaxy in Destiny. Hunters are agile, fierce opponents in combat. Warlocks wield vast offensive capabilities. Titans can withstand huge amounts of damage at close quarters. Each of these classes also has subclasses that allow players to further customize their gameplay experience. Destiny also supports various forms of multiplayer. Team up with friends as fireteams to complete missions, or pit yourself against others in PvP combat. Enter the Crucible, Destiny’s PvP arena, and compete in any of several scenarios against the best Guardians Earth can offer. While the original game offers many hours of single player and countless hours of multiplayer action, Destiny has also received several expansions. The Dark Below, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron have all dramatically increased the content available in the world of Destiny. Blending a story-focused and action-filled shooter in a mysterious, futuristic world, with the multiplayer functionality the team behind Halo knows so very well, Destiny is an arena full of challenge, wonder, and fun.

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