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    There are many ways the world can end, but one the scariest for sure is through epidemic. Meaning, that a disease can cause everyone to get sick, spread the disease, and then die. But what if you could be the source of that plague that ends the world? Would you want to do it? If you said "yes", then Plague Inc: Evolved is for you. For in this dark strategy game it is up to you, and your friends, to come up with a disease that can truly infect the world, and bring the end of humanity, save for yourself and your cohorts of course. Lest you think that this is some hack simulator, think about this, the detail put into this game is so accurate in regards to diseases and how they can spread that the CDC (the center for disease control) recognized it as a scientific tool. Yeah. That happened. But while infecting the world sounds easy, it's not. After all, humans are adaptable, and they're known to shut things down if they feel something is wrong. So you'll need to be creative with your disease in order to make sure that everyone on Earth gets infected. Use whatever disease type you feel is best. Virus, Bacteria, bioweapons, everything is on the table for you, you just need to choose what is best for your plan. Speaking of plans, you can work with your friends to truly craft the prefect disease. Or, work against your friends to see who can come up with the best plague. Plague Inc: Evolved is a test unlike any other. How will you kill off the world?

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