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The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure

  • PC
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    The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure is an enthralling adventure game that takes players on a thrilling journey filled with puzzles and hidden object scenes while delving into the world of Gatsby's devoted love and his criminal activities. The game is developed by Holdbrand Ltd and published by KPL. The game's plot revolves around the protagonist who has been hired to investigate Gatsby's criminal activities and also uncover secrets about his love interests. As they proceed through the game, players are faced with a series of challenges that will test their puzzle-solving skills, as well as their ability to spot hidden objects.

    The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure is set in the roaring 1920s and boasts a beautiful art style that perfectly captures the ambiance of the era. The visuals are stunning, with the graphics being beautifully crafted to reflect the luxuriousness of Gatsby's lifestyle. The sound design is equally impressive, with fitting music and sounds that successfully create an immersive atmosphere, transporting players back in time. The game's puzzles and hidden object scenes are expertly crafted, with a perfect balance between their complexity and interactivity. Players are not only required to search for hidden objects but also solve a series of challenging puzzles that are unique to the game. The game's puzzle-solving mechanics are not only fun but also stimulate the player's cognitive abilities. Different elements of the game, such as dialogue, plot events, and environment, are intertwined with the puzzles and hidden object scenes, making for a cohesive, immersive experience.

    Overall, The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure is an exciting and engaging game that will appeal to fans of adventure games, puzzle games, and mystery games. The game's plot is captivating, and its puzzles and hidden object scenes are challenging and entertaining. The game's visuals and sound design are top-notch and create an immersive atmosphere that perfectly captures the era's vibe. It is a must-play game for anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure experience.

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    • Technical information

    • Categories : Adventure , Casual
    • Editor : KPL
    • Developer : Holdbrand Ltd
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : May 19, 2017
    • System Requirements
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