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    Tropico 4: Apocalypse is an exciting game that gives gamers the chance to live out their ultimate dictator fantasies as they rule over a Caribbean island. Players will be able to build and customize their own island, manage its resources and population, make economic decisions for their citizens, and even launch nuclear missiles.

    This expansion adds several new features such as a Nuclear Shelter building that provides bonuses depending on your work mode; Survivalist troops who require less food; Hazmat suits allowing you to survive certain doomsday scenarios; and other apocalyptic themed buildings. Your mission in this expansion is the “How I Learned to Love the Bomb” campaign wherein you must find a way to make peace with enemies while also surviving your own nuclear apocalypse.

    Tropico 4: Apocalypse allows players to experience all of these scenarios in vivid graphics with detailed characters that interact naturally with each other. You can advance through complex military tactics or manipulate trade policies for increased wealth among citizens. This unique gameplay creates endless opportunities for fun exploration as you take control of your island nation’s fate. Whether you’re looking for fun or strategy, Tropico 4: Apocalypse provides a thrilling experience that’s sure to satisfy any gamer.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Tropico 4

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