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    Welcome Tropico 3’s very first expansion—Tropico 3: Absolute Power. Once again take on the mantle of El Presidente as you rule your tropical island nation with an iron fist—concealed beneath a velvet glove, of course.

    Tropico 3: Absolute Power adds new features to the city builder base game:

    • Play an all-new campaign with a brand-new story, 10 missions, and more islands. 

    • Build new buildings like the garbage dump, the marina, the grade school, and more. 

    • Declare new edicts, like festivals dedicated to yourself and your own brand of currency. Have you got political enemies? You can now outlaw them. 

    • Build new landmarks to honor your achievements and make your island nation stand out.

    • Create a loyalist faction filled with your sycophants. 

    • Remake your character with new traits and appearances.

    • Enjoy witty new comments from the local radio station.

    Tropico 3: Absolute Power is an absolute must of a DLC for those who own the base game. May your reign be long, El Presidente!

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Tropico 3

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