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    The universe is yours for the taking—if you have the strength to claim it as its one true sovereign! Galactic Ruler is a real-time strategy game where you must execute strategic plans on both the planet level and the galactic level. The procedurally generated map changes up enemies, planets, and resources each run, so every playthrough is unique.

    Grow your capabilities by managing your planet’s economy and military might. Research technologies to help build up your wealth and power. Meet with alien factions and negotiate alliances and trade agreements to acquire goods and weapons. Spread your forces across the galaxy, building colonies in your wake to expand your burgeoning empire.

    You must choose your strategy wisely—will you use diplomacy to win peacefully via galactic unity, or will you build a powerful armada to bring all your enemies to their knees? In terms of combat, control your units in real-time as you engage in large-scale battles on a planet’s surface or in space. 

    If you prefer, you can have the AI help make your decisions, or do everything by yourself. And if you prefer company in Galactic Ruler, engage in a battle against 14 other players for the ultimate struggle for supremacy. Who will be the true emperor of the known universe?

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