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    Wild Souls is a nature management game where you create an entire ecosystem. Like building your own Garden of Eden, you start from a single tree, then grow a forest filled with rivers, trees, and animal life. In this sandbox world, you create your own stories.

    You begin as a Souls Keeper, a god of the dead who can assign souls of the recently departed into new bodies. You get to choose which bodies these souls go, whether they be plant or animal. You will plan your world, adjust, and experiment with the species to give life to. By collecting more souls, you may use them as a currency to bring more species to life.

    Create environments for your plants and animals to live in, choosing the biomes by painting what climate they will experience. Then you can observe as the world you created evolves before your very eyes. If you like, you can also experience living in this world through the eyes of an animal you gave life to. Play as a wolf and attempt to survive in the wild, watch your offspring grow, and see how you affect the rest of the environment. Wild Souls is a relaxing sandbox game with no time constraints. You simply watch your creations thrive.

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