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    Here’s your chance to redecorate the car of your dreams. Car Detailing Simulator lets you restore and rejuvenate broken down cars into amazing works of art. You are in charge of a car detailing business with some pretty demanding customers. It’s your job to take their junk vehicles and transform them into the envy of the town. It will take a lot of work, patience, attention to detail, and imagination to make it in this business—have you got what it takes?

    Accept orders for cars and start earning serious money. Take beaten down vehicles, foam them up, wash them, and polish their paint to a bright shine. Make use of specialized tools to repair tires, remove scratches, change paintjobs, and more. Each car will be a different challenge, so you must master your tools to get the job done.

    Every job you successfully complete brings in more money. Use your income to expand your business. Buy more precise tools, build higher capacity storage, and upgrade your garage. Play your cards right and, pretty soon, you will have a detailing empire. 

    Car Detailing Simulator isn’t all about business. You can purchase any old car and spruce it up during your spare time. Before long, you can have a collection of beautiful vintage cars that you can display or sell for a fortune. Run your detailing business as you want—it’s all up to you.

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