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    Build an entire village from cards in Stacklands, a sim where you have to play your cards right to create the perfect little town. You build up your village by putting cards on top of each other to collect resources, put up buildings, and fight enemies. For example, if you put a villager card on top of a berry bush card, you get berries for your village to eat. You need to Feed your villagers every month to keep them alive.

    You need to explore the wilderness to find good resources, but it's not safe for your people. You may have to fight bears, wolves, and even goblins. Enhance your villagers’ combat ability by giving them weapons or having them fight together. 

    To further develop your village, you must discover Idea cards, which tell you how to create new cards. For example, you can create a house by stacking wood and stone cards with your villager. 

    Stacklands offers more than 100 cards, 50+ quests to complete, 7 ideas to discover, and you can purchase more cards from 7 different card packs. You don't need to focus on a lot of lore--it's all about the cards. Build your village your way and watch it thrive.

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