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    Become an evil overlord feared throughout the land in Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder. A casual empire simulation game, here you can create a labyrinthine dungeon where you can enslave monsters, create death traps, and build a throne room.

    But before that, you start off with some scrawny imps whom you can boss around. They will do menial jobs like cook, clear the mess, and build your lair. Meet their basic needs and they will work for you, mining gold and gems to pay for your growing lair. All empires must start from somewhere.

    As a fantasy tycoon simulator, Little Imps lets you create a multi-level dungeon, each with unique rooms that are determined by the kind of flooring you use. Gather treasure and recruit or enslave monsters into your fold, including goblins, trolls, vampires, and worse!

    When you have your army, you can conduct raids, explore locations for treasure, and even conquer entire cities. Soon you can raise a Horde and engage your friends in massive dragon battles. All will tremble before your name and fall before your army.    

    Get Little Imps: ADungeon Builder and start creating your dark empire!

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